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About Kathryn

Here are some important facts to know about me before you consider working with us:

  1. I am always after results using integrated approaches across all customer and prospect interactions. I offer a systems approach to making you visible, whether using online platforms, PR, or SEO—we’ll figure that out when we dive into your situation and business objectives. This means I’m addressing all aspects of your visibility. If you’re looking for a specific approach or solution, there are plenty of contractors available.
  2. I adore uncovering and shining a light on what’s special at the heart of you and/or your business. And I’ll find it—that’s my brilliance.
  3. Getting results takes commitment on my part AND on yours. You need to be willing to do the work. If so, get in touch.
Kathryn Gorges
Kathryn GorgesPrincipal Consultant, Marketing Strategist, and Business Coach

I help businesses like yours close the gaps between offerings and needs of the market and translate that to communicate value simply and effectively so that revenue can grow sustainably. I am also Principal Consultant at Inspired Success and co-founder of MonstRpreneur, a game design company.

I bring over 20 years of experience in high tech marketing and sales to my businesses and marketing consulting work with companies and startups in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have extensive digital marketing training as a Digital Marketer Certified Partner. I’m also a member of the Forbes Coaches Councilmarketing instructor at UC Berkeley Extension, President at Women In Consulting, and President of the Stanford Entrepreneur Alumni Group.

I have held marketing and sales leadership positions at IBM, Amdahl, Stratus, and Tandem and I have served in executive roles on non-profit boards and community organizations.  I have a Masters in Philosophy from Stanford University, a BS in Mathematics from William and Mary, and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

Digital Marketer Certified Partner
Women In Consulting
Stanford Entrepreneurs
Forbes Coaches Council Member
NAWBO Member Badge
American Marketing Association Member

Social Media Marketing Society Member

UC Berkeley Extension Instructor
ActiveCampaign Partner Badge
Databox Certified Partner
Anita Edge
Anita EdgeSenior Consultant and SEO Expert

About Anita

I specialize in search engine optimization and creation of a compelling online presence. My system encompasses both Google’s view of your business and the impact your site and social media have on your target market.

My approach entails 5 steps:

  1. Clarification and characterization of company goals, strengths, and target market
  2. In depth technical analysis of current online presence and competition
  3. Identification of specific areas with potential for greatest return
  4. Creation of highly focused strategy prioritizing by potential return
  5. Technical monitoring and continual adjustment to maximize results

The SEO world is Google-centric, highly analytical and systematic. Yes, I have that training, toolset, and perspective. But I also have extensive experience as a writer and instructional designer. I integrate and balance the analytical side with the emotional, relationship-oriented connection with your prospect. The result my clients enjoy is increased online visibility plus an impact on the reader that encourages reaching out and connecting.

Online visibility is more than showing up at the top of Google. It’s the beginning of your relationship with your clients. As such, it is a precious asset to be planted very precisely and nurtured with care. This is what I take great pride and pleasure in providing.

I’ve held marketing, technical, and instructional design positions at Lightbridge Communications, Accenture Learning, Stratus, and Tandem; and I began designing and creating websites in 1995. I have spoken at conferences, workshops, and meetings on topics ranging from SEO to business models for online marketing and consistently get excellent reviews. I am the founder of the Denver Internet Marketing Group.

I earned my SEO Specialist certification from UC Davis Extension.

I have a B.A. in Psychology, Magna cum Laude, from University of Colorado.

Digital Marketer Customer Value Optimization Certification Badge - Anita Edge
Digital Marketer Copywriting Certification Badge - Anita Edge
Digital Marketer Search Marketing Certification Badge - Anita Edge

About Laura

I have been in the graphic design business for over 20 years. I have worked for large corporations as well as one person businesses. I have done any kind of collateral that a company could possibly need from trade show booths to simple fliers. I do print as well as web, and often go back and forth between the two.

My goal is to be the best at what I am, to give the client what they expect, and leave them not only happy, but thrilled, if such a thing is possible. As Basil Faulty, of Faulty Towers fame used to say “A satisfied customer, I should have him stuffed”.

Well, not stuffed, but it is always gratifying, each time.

Laura Rinaldi
Laura RinaldiSenior Graphic and Website Designer and Developer

Specialties: All forms of layout programs, Quark Xpress, FrameMaker, InDesign, even PageMaker. All types of design tools, from Photoshop to Fireworks to Illustrator. I also know how to compose web pages in the more popular design tools, such as GoLive and Dreamweaver, as well as being able to edit code raw, if I have to.

Sue Lefevre
Sue LefevreProject Manager

About Sue

I have enjoyed being able to provide the professional help necessary to coordinate, manage, assist and thereby reduce overhead costs of administrative functions in various office settings. More recently, I have served as an administrator for 360 feedback assessments and I have been working in social media marketing creative and curative content management. In that capacity I have learned to promote website and internet marketing visibility for clients by crafting lead in summaries for social media website posts with content that stimulates interest in their specific area of products and services and then providing monthly analytic summaries.

Community and cultural activities have also been a primary focus. In that capacity, I have served on many boards to help define the local land use regulations for non-motorized trails, have served as a volunteer as a lifetime member of National Charity League, past member of Soroptimists, Meals on Wheels and a local high school staff volunteer.

Professional Background

  • Project Manager for Leadership Development company
  • Social media marketing analyst
  • Consultant to set up office procedures
  • Property Manager
  • Owner/Operator of a contractor service company
  • Managing Partner and Officer of general contracting company which built high end custom homes
  • Systems Engineer for aerospace company maintaining technical interface between retail customers and Engineering.
  • Cost Accounting Analyst


  • Masters, Business Administration, University of Southern California, Los Angeles
  • BA Economics, University of California, Los Angeles

Licenses and Certificates

  • C-42 Sanitary Contractor
  • CMA Management
  • Quickbooks

We all have a gift we bring to the world.

You have something that makes you come alive—that motivated you to be in this business you’ve created. Our team would love to bring that fully to life for you, to grow it, to reach the people who are inspired by what you’re doing and want what you’re offering.

We have the skills and extensive experience to uncover that if needed, to showcase it online, and to let the world know about you. That makes our eyes light up with possibility.

We’d love to see your eyes light up, too!

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