Have you ever walked by a storefront and noticed dust on the display, grime on the windows, or leftovers from the last holiday season that was 5 months ago?

What is your reaction?

Does this kind of unkempt look make you excited to walk in?  Are you thinking “Wow, I bet they have the latest new stuff I’m looking for to: wear, fix my appliance, treat my problem, serve for a meal, etc.).”

I’m betting you have the same reaction I do – are these guys still in business?  And if they are, are they up to date with the current products, knowledge, and skills to help me?

Websites are like storefronts.

And right now YOURS is answering these questions to your visitors.  Do you know what the answers are?  If your website hasn’t been updated in the last two years, I can tell you that the first message being sent AND received is that you don’t care enough about your prospects and visitors to put the time, energy, and resources into being up to date with a great customer experience.

Why am I telling you this?  Not to get business – although I can recommend some great designers and developers at just about every price level and complexity.  I’m calling your attention to the reality of life and business in today’s world.

Trends in Website Design Change Every Year or Two – or Less!

Website design changes – not as fast as fashion, thank goodness – but fast enough for you to be paying attention.  Probably every 1-2 years it’s time for you to refresh your ‘digital windows’ (also know as your website).  And, in fact, large companies refresh constantly – big changes – because they need to stay at the leading edge to keep the mindshare of their market.

I’ve included a slideshare below on the current trends in website design.  You should take a look.  This will take you 5 minutes and possibly make you a ton of money – the return on your investment for just being able to RECOGNIZE the new website designs will help you guide the designer/developer you hire so that you’ll be sure to wow your visitors within your budget.

Remember, these trends in website design are good for about 6 months – then we’ll see some more evolution in design.  But your site will be good for probably 1-2 years.

Here they are – with thanks to Accrinet Corporation for putting together a short and sweet trends in website design slide deck!

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