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This ceremony is a Ceremony of Power for those who find themselves ready to step into the process of claiming and walking lightly on the Earth in their own Self-Authority, Self-Responsibility and  Power.  Offered in both Minnesota and Northern California, it is a stand-alone ceremony that also serves as the doorway into our two-year training called “Walking As A Chief”.

As our outer cultural structures crumble and reorganize themselves, the place of power for each of us lies in building strong and resilient inner structures.  These inner structures can “hold us” as we navigate the rapids of change in our lives and find a new ground of wholeness and balance.

In this ceremony, we gather in a beautiful, natural setting and enter into an  environment of the sacred circle, where time and our sense of place are shifted by the power of our collective intention.

We spend time together as a circle, in small groups and, most importantly, by ourselves on the land where we gather.  In this environment, we will bring forward two essential Medicine Wheels as foundational guides for this ceremonial journey into Self Authority.

The first Medicine Wheel is “The Wheel of the Self”, a map of elements that are essential if we choose to live our lives as an act of power and a work of art that is reflected in our thoughts, words and deeds.

The second Wheel is “The Ring of Power”, a diagnostic tool that allows us to quickly shift our inner state  from powerless victim to powerful author. Both wheels are founded on the idea that we humans are charged by Life to be Self-Responsible, so that we can fully give the gift that is uniquely ours to give.

In its essence, this ceremony is about choosing to be free, not as separate and separated beings, but rather as humans who walk together in self-authority and self responsibility in true service to ourselves, our loved ones, our communities and our world.

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