“If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.” – Harvey Mackay

Integrity means different things to different people. The origin of the word in Latin comes from the meaning ‘intact’ as in whole and undivided. Modern meanings expand this to the quality of honesty and moral principles. I see honesty and morality as an aspect to having integrity as a human being – expressing an intact wholeness where thought matches actions.

What does integrity in marketing look like?

The facile answer is all about ‘truth in advertising’ and not making false claims about your offering.

The deeper sense of integrity in your marketing means that your customer understands who you are for them and their endeavors. The essential ‘you’ of either yourself or your business comes through loud and clear: without pretense or a lot of boring content that covers up your passion and concern.

The power to get your prospective customers engaged, excited, and in action is directly proportional to the integrity of your marketing.

(This is marketing with a capital M – not just marketing communications, but all aspects of creating an offering that solves the problem in a way that delights the perfect fit customer.)

This week is perfect for looking at how we can remove pretense from our offerings, our website, and all our interactions and connections with our market. Be real. Expressing the inner passion of why you’re doing this work will create much deeper connections and more reliable customers.

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