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I simplify marketing to empower you to choose your own marketing strategies, make your dreams come true and your passions come to life.

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Recover the Trusted Relationship with Your Market

How to Humanize Your Marketing
Book Coming Soon!

Get a peek inside this book on how you can build relationships with your customers that will keep them coming back for more. Each month – possibly more often – Kathryn will be adding draft chapters to the book that discuss how marketing started, how it’s gone astray, and what we can do about it. Sign up to get a monthly email of recent posts.

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Seema Rizvi
“Kathryn’s course – Marketing for Entrepreneurs – was one of my favorite classes in my certificate program at UC Berkeley Extension. She brought passion, expertise, and curiosity to the classroom and inspired me to do the same. She pushed us to bring our best thinking to our projects and provided instructive and thoughtful feedback in return. It was an incredible learning experience. Thank you Kathryn!”
Seemi Rizvi, Customer Marketing Manager, Looker at Google
Jay Haines, Marketing Manager, Demand Generation
“Kathryn does an excellent job identifying and discussing best practices with a good mix of study, classroom participation and presentations from industry professionals.
I found the class curriculum was well rounded and though directed at startup scenarios I was able to apply many of the concepts to my many responsibilities as a marketing manager at present.”
Jay Haines, Marketing Manager, Demand Generation, Workday
Diane Lam
“I took Kathryn’s Marketing for Entrepreneurs course and it was the perfect primer for me as I was preparing to launch my business. Kathryn went over all the key components of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and she included the technical aspects of each component so I fully understood what it took to actually implement. This course helped me develop my marketing strategy to launch my business, and also gave me a foot up when I was evaluating contractors and agencies to outsource my marketing. Because I had a clear background on the technical aspects, I was able to weed out candidates who were less skilled or technical than I needed them to be. I couldn’t recommend Kathryn more, she’s a great teacher and knows exactly what she’s talking about.”
Diane Lam, Business Systems & Operations Expert, Diane Lam Co.

When Kathryn was invited to teach marketing at UC Berkeley in 2010, she decided her students needed to know what really produces success. That meant reorganizing the course so that learning marketing creates AHA moments about why tactics actually work. Just teaching theory doesn’t cut it. And just teaching tactics doesn’t help build real capacity for creative marketing.

Learn more about Kathryn’s passion around helping businesses understand what it really takes to get results. And it isn’t about copying someone else’s latest whiz bang moment of triumph. Marketing comes down to what you have passion about and what your customers are looking for and inspired by.

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