Marketing and Business Coaching

You know your business
and customers better
than anyone else.

We bring expert guidance and powerful tools.

So you can get the critical questions answered and the frameworks to help you succeed.

Our coaching starts a collaborative effort that empowers you to move forward productively.

Marketing and Business Coaching Options

Messaging and Content Marketing Coaching

Messaging and Content Strategy Coaching

We offer a coaching package of 4 1-hour sessions for each page we work on together to develop messaging and content. You’ll get our best thinking, some editing to tighten up your messaging and put your prospect front and center, and coaching so that you can do this yourself next time.

Learn more about we create content strategy and messaging to get an idea of what we can cover together through coaching.

Social Media Strategy Coaching

Social Media Strategy Coaching

We work with you to optimize your profile and presence on your social media sites. We help you choose your primary focus, timing, content calendar, and tools to help you keep up on your own.

Learn more about the done-for-you social media marketing services we offer to understand the range of how we can help you do this yourself.

SEO Strategy Coaching

SEO Strategy Coaching

We can cover the basic onsite, backlink, and key structure for blog posts and content in 5 coaching sessions over the course of 2 months. You’ll have homework, watch us in action, and recordings to remind you how to get this done.

Learn more about our approach to SEO to get an idea on how we can coach you to keep the basics in place when you add your own content.

If you’re ready to get started coaching, let’s get going!

Marketing and Business Coaching Objectives

We’ll walk you through frameworks that make things easy and less mysterious. We can also put things in place for you AND explain what we’re doing and why at the same time.

Here are some of these tools we’ll provide you:

  • Messaging worksheets for getting your value proposition and copy for all your content to reliably resonate with your ideal customer.
  • Sequencing of messaging down the length of your home page.
  • Tips on how, what, and when to post your particular content to the social media sites that best match your audience.
  • Recipe or formula for content that hits all the right buttons for good SEO (search engine optimization).
  • Short videos of us working on your site to put in place basic SEO so you can do it yourself for every blog post you add later.
  • And more…