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Social media makes that possible online.

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Is Social Media Helping You or Hurting You?

Make Sure You Look Open for Business

Are you missing opportunities because you don’t have a consistent, online, social presence for your business? Just like having the lights on and the windows clean in a local store, being present on social is a must in today’s world. People are checking you out and they don’t stop with your website.

If the last time you posted on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter was 2015 or even 6 months ago, your business looks like the lights are out…

Consistency in Social Is Critical

We’ve been helping our clients maintain a foundational online social presence for over 12 years. Healthcare providers, consultants, B2B businesses, churches, museums, and more. Every week they have new posts with helpful content for their audience as an underlying presence for dropping in special articles they may write, or graphics, or offers.

A consistent, underlying presence keeps you current, increases your followers and credibility, and demonstrates that, yes indeed, those lights are on and you’re committed to helping people solve problems.

Our Approach to Social Media Marketing

We’ve been doing social media marketing for clients for over a decade. Maintaining consistency and sustainability requires systems in place to make the process easy, quick, and effective to create all the content social needs. Each piece of content posted on social has a average life expectancy of minutes or hours for some platforms (like Twitter or Instagram) and up to a week or two for others (such as LinkedIn). In every case, keeping content flowing is challenging.

If you already have a lot of content, then you’re in good shape for social. A lot means at least: 30+ blog posts or 20 videos or 40 podcasts.

If you’re just starting, then content creation needs to be part of your plan as well as social media posting.

Our social media marketing services start with creating social content from your existing or newly created written, video, or audio content.

The Key to Social Content

Once you’ve developed a single piece of content – an article, video, or podcast – that forms the basis of 10 to 20 to 30 pieces of social content in the form of quotes, graphics, snippets, short videos, transcripts, and even audio podcasts from your videos.

Let’s say you create a significant piece of content once a month. That likely will enable you to have social content to post 2-3 times per week. If your audience is primarily on LinkedIn, that could be perfect. If it’s on Instagram then you’re way short of what you need: major content once a week will likely be closer to the minimum required.

Each platform has it’s own algorithm, audience focus, and half-life for content – different for types of content.

Customized System for Your Business

We’ll work with you to identify the best platform, content type, frequency, posting days, themes, personality, and audience demographics for your social media presence. That includes some coaching time with us and some strategy work.

How We Differ from Using a Virtual Assistant or Social Poster

You get the benefit of years of experience on social. We know what works, what doesn’t, what’s sustainable and what isn’t. We’ve been there and done that, multiple times with more than a few clients. We also have deep expertise in the entire online presence experience and digital marketing: we understand how it all works together, what the leverage points are among social, website, SEO, advertising, and branding. Most inexpensive social posters don’t have that depth or breadth of experience. You can easily end up with an online presence and engagement from people who will never buy from you and who you have no way of building a relationship with beyond your social account. We don’t think that’s helpful in the long run.

We’re committed to an integrated approach that helps you have the assets you need to maintain your business beyond the whims of social media platforms and their business agendas.

Social Sites We Cover

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google My Business

Social Content We Create

  • Graphics with quotes
  • Graphics with your snippets
  • Audio snippets
  • Transcripts
  • Video snippets
  • Videos from graphics
  • Graphics with testimonials
  • Curated articles

Our Social Posting Mechanics

  • Posting 1x/week to 3x/day
  • Engagement, demographics, and reach tracking
  • Reminders to your team to engage
  • Up to 1 month advance
  • Quarterly review
  • Notification of questions

Social Media Marketing Pricing

  • Average price is $500/month.
  • Setup starts at $500 one time fee.



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