“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.” – Brene Brown

Showing up can mean a lot of things. Sometimes it just means that you actually attend or get there on time – that you made the effort to do something. That counts.

Showing up can also mean that you not only are physically there, you are mentally and emotionally present. That kind of showing up makes all the difference for relationships.

Show Up For Your Customer

I’m focused here on another way of showing up: to reveal who you and/or your business really is, what you stand for, why you care, what your vision is, and who you are being for your customer.

This relational approach leaves behind the ‘professional’ façade that many of us were taught we must have to be taken seriously. Professional doesn’t require being impersonal. You can acknowledge a human level of connection and still remain professional.

People thrive on being seen, responded to, treated like they make a difference (and they do).

Showing up like this for your customers and prospects creates an entirely different level of investment for them and you. One you can count on for an ongoing relationship, depending on what level of ‘showing up’ you’re committed to.

Show up. If you don’t, someone else might…


“You can beat 80% of the competition just by showing up.” – Harvey Mackay

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