Social advertising increases your visibility
and builds an audience for your value.

Our approach takes time and delivers results.

We’ve been doing social ads since 2009.

Do You Need Visibility? or Traffic? or Conversions?

We offer tactical services for all three of these objectives.

Social Ads for Visibility


This involves getting in place your presence in whatever sphere your potential customers (and existing customers) hang out. That means if you need to be in person, then let’s figure out where, when, and how – and then what you’re going to say when you’re there.

If your prospects and customers are online, then visibility entails SEO in all it’s forms, your website, social media, and any forums or professional sites you need to be on.

Social Ads for Traffic


Once you’re visible you’ll want to have people coming to check you out, calling you up, setting appointments, walking into your office, and generally engaging with you to see what you have and whether it’s a match for them. Traffic tactics get you those people doing those things. Usually advertising, speaking, and special campaigns or events are the main tools of the trade for traffic. (Love that alliteration!)

Social Ads for Conversion


You can get all the traffic in the world and not get any business. That’s where analysis comes into play. The problems could range from a not quite perfect product market fit to a slow website to unclear messaging on your website, in your ads, or on social. Generating conversions has some art and some science to it – and a lot of experimentation and measurement. The most important ingredient to figuring out conversions is relentless persistence coupled with clarity of purpose.

Here’s a definition of conversions (since we skipped right over that): A conversion happens when a prospect or customer picks up what you’re putting down. They may sign up for your event, subscribe to your newsletter, download your cheat sheet, like your Facebook page, follow your LinkedIn company page, or buy your product. Conversions build over time. First a prospect might just want a small taste of what the work you do, so a download or newsletter sign up accomplishes that. Eventually (hopefully), they move up the ladder to slightly larger and larger conversions until they become a customer and then a loyal customer.



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Kathryn Gorges