What if you’re not a writer and you want your business to participate in social media?

Once you choose THE person to represent the heart and soul of the business, how that person normally interacts with customers or people in general is important.  If they engage all the time, face to face, effectively and with enthusiasm, then the interaction vehicles to set up in the social media world need to be in alignment with that.  Shy people may be more comfortable with short text entries—a quick tips orientation.  Vivacious, engaging personalities come across well on video.  People in a hurry may do best with quick, audio tips recorded on a voice recorder then either transcribed or uploaded.

I have a client who is inspiring, enthusiastic, fun and engaging in person.  Her work doesn’t have anything to do with sitting at a desk or in front of a computer – her strength is in face-to-face interaction.  So, how does she translate that into a social media experience?  Writing just doesn’t convey her special value.  Video!  Tips, insights, connections on video help to bring her personality closer to her community online.

Another client I have is an amazing and prolific writer.  While he also likes to communicate verbally, his community especially appreciates the detailed, in depth, and insightful writing style he has – blogging is the perfect forum for him online.

So, think about how you and/or your business naturally communicate and connect with customers – then translate that into the closest vehicle online.  You have a myriad of choices!  If you’re not sure what they are, drop me a note and I’ll help you out.

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