Spotlight Your Brilliance Coaching Mini-Series

Join me for this interactive exploration to put your brilliance front and center.

We’ll start the work for you to lead with your brilliance so that you’re leaning into what your clients already love and what separates you from the crowd.

Your unique brilliance creates the core
of the value you deliver
and the reason clients invite you back.

Our brilliance is often hidden from us… much like our inability to see all parts of ourselves without using a mirror.

Your brilliance reveals itself in how your clients feel when you work with them, combined with what you do. Like a gift package with the experience they have working with you wrapped around the critical abilities and talents you bring to them.

Your skills and expertise are table stakes for being competitive; the distinctive experience you bring to the table sets you apart.

The Next Step After Identifying Your Special Brilliance…

Once you know the special ingredient that your clients treasure about you, then you can highlight that when you talk about your business, what you create, and how you work.

You may encounter another hurdle at that point: not feeling 100% comfortable talking about your genius. That’s completely normal. We’ll discuss the difference between bragging excessively and sharing your genius. And we’ll go through some exercises to try out what each of these feels like and build new habits in how we think and talk about ourselves.

You’ll have the opportunity to move into
owning your brilliance.

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The Last Step in Fully Embracing Your Brilliance in Your Business…

Our work occupies an enormous role in our lives. And we often overlook the importance of spending time with clients that appreciate and adore our brilliance and the impact that has on our physical, mental, and emotional energy. When our work employs our brilliance, we perform better, we’re happier, and our clients get better results.

Flow is an optimal state of consciousness, a peak state where we both feel and perform our best. We become so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter. The ego falls away. Time flies, Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz. Your whole being is involved and you’re using your skills to the upmost.  – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Connecting with customers who’s work benefits the most from the application of your genius is the best outcome of discovering, owning, and leading with your brilliance. That’s why you want to lead with your brilliance at every turn. We’ll talk about what that means and we’ll create messaging and practice referring to your brilliance in all your presentation of your business.

I invite you to join us and take action to
lead with your brilliance.

I’d love to work together with you to take these steps…

Living fully through our work offers one of the greatest gifts to ourselves, our community, and the world. Your brilliance is unrepeatable: it’s a combination of your talents, skills, inspiration, experiences, and desires. No one else has what you have to offer. Let’s play full out and make it count.

I have two options available, both are 3 sessions together of 45 minutes each. We go through the same process in both versions.

Individual Coaching

You get my undivided attention to focus on your process, challenges, messaging, and actions steps.

This option starts as soon as you sign up and we find a date to begin. Let’s get started!

Small Group Coaching

You get the advantage of being together with a group and learning from each other.

This option starts when we have a group of 3 or more. Ideally, you can create your own group and sign up together.

If you know you want to be in a group, fill in the form below and make the commitment to get started today!

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