🎉 Congratulations! 🎉

🎉 Congratulations! 🎉

Kathryn Gorges

You’ve taken a big step toward gaining more clarity for yourself about marketing.

The heart and soul of your business is you. And you’ll be more connected with your customers when the mystery of marketing falls away.

That’s my wish for you.

As The Independent Creator, you focus deeply on the value you create to offer through your business to other people. You pride yourself on crafting a unique offering that really makes a difference for people. And you prefer to spend your energy and time creating new products or services and ways you can have an impact.

Generally, creating visibility for your work is not as much fun for you and not a source of satisfaction.

You pour yourself into creating the best work you can…

Here’s a peek at some of my recommendations for
Marketing as The Independent Creator

Your inspiration and commitment has great potential in setting you apart from your competitors.

As the holder of the central vision, culture, and brand of your business, your job is to articulate your ideals to everyone associated with your business so that you have a cohesive brand that your audience can experience.

The Independent Creator

Imagine yourself in a personal consultation with me – that is how I created these recommendations for you. I envisioned us sitting across the table from each other (just as I have with many of my clients) reflecting on your personality characteristics and the challenges you might face. I then collected those insights and practical advice in this Expert Recommendations report.

Get my expert advice as a long-time practicing marketing consultant and instructor on how you can start tailoring your marketing to your personality.

The Independent Creator Results

Inside my Expert Recommendations:

  • Your complete quiz results 👀
  • Specific actions you can take now
  • Powerful questions to help you focus
  • Suggested next steps to build your own marketing expertise
  • Insights on your preferences and how they align with marketing

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Kathryn Gorges

Hi, I’m Kathryn.

I love marketing and I get joy in helping people like you. When your eyes light up because you see something is possible that you didn’t see before, that makes all the difference for me.