We often miss the most important success factor when we post on social media.

Make sure you’re not leaving this out when you post on behalf of your business.

Social media updates can easily start to turn into tasks that just need to get done. So we automate or just put titles on posts to get them out the door. And then we may settle for either no or only a little engagement. Or we just get frustrated with the whole social media thing and stop posting for a while.

Whether we like it or not, this approach applies to most of us at one time or another. When we post on social media with that mindset, this is what it looks like:

Tweet Example Tweet Example Tweet Example

Now, there’s nothing terribly wrong with any of those tweets (they could just as easily been a Facebook post or LinkedIn). They’re just not very compelling.

I’m definitely not suggesting going to the opposite end of the spectrum and using click bait copy – that’s copy that is either misleading or tantalizing in a provocative way just to get you to click through. The problem with that is you can get people frustrated after a while – something Upworthy has experienced by building a huge following by posting a lot of inspiring articles from all over the web, then going over the edge with click bait that kind of messed with the trust they built.


That’s what you REALLY want to build in your prospects and customers. The kind of trust that makes them loyal, inspires them to refer you, and keeps them coming back and bringing their friends with them just to tell them how great you are.

Trust takes a while to build – and can easily be derailed.

Trust is built by consistently creating value and being clear to people what value you’re offering.

Trust is built by honoring your promises.

And your promise is what makes ALL the difference in a tweet, status update, post, a pin, and everything you put online.

Here are a couple examples of promises:

Need some pain relief for your TMJ? Or to get rid of a stress headache from clenching? Here are some quick tips for that.

Would you like to get rid of low back pain caused by walking? Here’s a stretch for that!

Each of these is a short post or tweet with a problem identified and a promise that you’ll get something of value – pain relief in these examples. When someone clicks on the link, they find something that actually delivers on that promise.

That builds trust.

And that makes people love you and your business.

So, next time you’re posting on social media – or even writing a blog or web copy – think about what you’re promising, what you’ll deliver, and how that will make a difference for the person reading or listening.

That’s called a brand promise. Mine is that you can count of me to always tell you what will improve the results you’re getting in your marketing. Always. And I can help you get those results.

What’s your brand promise?

Once you uncover it – it’s there and has been since you decided to be in business – then make that promise in every tweet and post you create, in the variety of ways you actually deliver on it in your business.

Feel free to ask me any questions about this! I love challenges.

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